Sharpshooter Coffee


Clicking on one of the products below will send you to our store which will open in a separate tab.
We have added K-cups to our offerings. We package them ourselves using all of our coffees and sell them in boxes of 12. All you have to do is put them into your Keurig machine. As an added bonus, you can put them in your recycling bin rather than the trash! When you select a coffee, the 12 cup box will be an option under bag size.
If you do not see a coffee, please feel free to contact us for availability and pricing for special orders.

In addition to our web store, you can find Sharpshooter Coffee on the shelves at:
  • The Made In Virginia Store, 920 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA  22401
  • Potomac Point Winery, Stafford, VA
  • If you watch Fox News, they are drinking my coffee on Sunday mornings as well as during special events

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